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The Many Uses of Swarfega

We know that the uses of our products are very diverse. Share your experience with us and fellow Swarfega users by clicking here!

Just used Swarfega on the ancient, stubborn stains in my shower base to fantastic results! It look as good as new, and nothing else has ever managed to shift thosemarks!


I have bought a 450ml pump bottle of Swarfega orange for use at home by the bathroom sink to wash my hands after I've been to the toilet. I thought if it was good enough for oil and grease, it must be excellent for getting your hands clean of germs, and they really DO feel clean after a scrub. I love it!

Chris Bate

When I was about 4 years (over 40 years ago now) I knocked over a very large tin of paint... all over my Mum's new carpet!!! My Dad got it ALL OUT with a big tin of Swarfega! :)

Daniel Jackson