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Skin Care

Swarfega® Original Classic

Rapid action classic smooth green gel formula hand cleanser with added conditioner which is easy to apply and quick rinsing to remove ingrained oil, grease and general grime. Leaves the skin feeling smooth after use.

Swarfega® Orange

Advanced formulation, solvent-free heavy duty hand cleanser containing non-abrasive scrubbers for a deep down cleaning action and moisturiser to help care for skin. Removes ingrained oil, grease, and general grime. The pump provides controlled dosages, and prevents product from cross-contamination. One push is enough for an effective hand wash.

Swarfega® Lemon

Solvent-free lemon hand cleaner  containing natural cornmeal  scrubbing agents to remove oil, grease and general soilings quickly and effectively. Contains moisturiser to help care for skin.


SPF30 sunscreen to protect the skin against the sun’s harmful UV-A (ageing) & UV-B (burning) rays. Perfume-free and non-greasy, its photostable formula contains moisturisers and is also water-resistant.

Swarfega® Power

Powerful, fast acting and versatile hand cleanser combining natural citrus oil extract and cornmeal  scrubbing agents for a deep down clean  which removes ingrained oil and grease as well as some paints and adhesives. Contains moisturiser to help care for skin.

Swarfega® Red Box®

Heavy duty wipes to remove oil and grease. For use in the workshop or at the workstation and also for use by mobile workers.

Swarfega® Black Box®

Heavy duty trade wipes to remove paints, seam sealers and resins for use in the bodyshop or at the mobile workstation.

Swarfega® Heavy

Heavy duty gel formula hand cleanser containing non-abrasive natural scrubbing granules and added conditioner to quickly remove deeply ingrained oil and grease soilings and leave the skin feeling smooth after use.

Swarfega® Paint Pro

Specialist hand cleanser combining dibasic ester and natural cornmeal hand scrub to remove paints, adhesives and most other paint and bodyshop soilings.

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