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Swarfega Goes Online

Who would have thought that when Swarfega was invented in 1947, the brand famous for the hand cleaning green gel, would be launching its own website in 2014? You heard it here first. To celebrate the New Year in style, Swarfega has launched their own website. The website focusses on supplying their distributors and product using customers with detailed product and support information.

Swarfega, manufactured in Derbyshire, is renowned the world over for its unique cleaning properties. Just mention the word “Swarfega” to a group of people and virtually everybody will know the loveable green gel; be it through their own use or that of their parents or grandparents. What many people are unaware of, however, is the size of their product range. They manufacture a host of hand cleaners as well as parts cleaners, degreasers, vehicle cleaners and more.

Phil Spark, Marketing Director at Swarfega says “We’re delighted to unveil the new Swarfega website. We highlighted this gap in our support for distributors and customers using our products, and after over 6 months of development, we are launching the site.”

Mr Spark continues “Swarfega is a brand that many people are very close to and by introducing this website, it will allow us to enhance these relationships. The new website will give the user a complete online experience benefitting the user, from product information to downloadable wallpapers.”

To join the party, go to!