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Surface Cleaning

Surface Cleaning

Janitol® Altrans

Biodegradable acidic metal cleaner specifically formulated to remove rust, oxidation and corrosion from most metals. Will also dissolve concrete and mortar on tools and equipment.

Janitol® Fective

A low viscosity, high performance, non-solvent machinery degreaser. Low foaming formulation makes it ideal for use in all types of heated equipment. Good grease cutting properties cope with the heaviest of soilings.

Janitol® Florafresh

Fragrant disinfectant cleaner, specially formulated to clean and disinfect toilets, urinals, floors, walls, wash basins, shower cubicles and refuse areas. Removes the cause of malodours. Suitable for use with cloth, mop, hand sprayer or pressure washers.

Janitol® Lo-Foam

Floor cleaning detergent specifically for use with scrubber driers and carpet cleaning equipment.  Powerful low foaming formulation is suitable for use on all washable floors to remove oil and grease.  Suitable for use with cloth, mop, hand sprayer or pressure washers.

Janitol® Multi-Clean

General purpose cleaner and degreaser for removing food soilings such as oils and fats.  Contains no perfume to taint food. Suitable for use through floor cleaning machinery and pressure washers.

Janitol® Original

Non-caustic, multi-purpose, low odour degreasing detergent for general cleaning and degreasing applications. Effective for the removal of animal, vegetable and mineral soilings.

Janitol® Plus

Non-caustic, heavy duty, high performance surface degreaser.  Removes ground-in and burnt-on food deposits. Low odour and non-caustic.

Janitol® Rapide

Fact acting caustic based solvent-free cleaner and degreaser.  Effective for the removal of oils, fats and stubborn burnt on food deposits.

Janitol® Spray & Wipe

Fact acting sanitiser rapidly kills a wide range of bacteria (after 10 seconds contact time). Removes light oil and fat deposits leaving surfaces clean. Contains no perfume to taint food. Tested against avian influenza virus (H3N8) surrogate H5N1. Conforms to BS EN 1276:2009.

Janitol® Ultra Sanitiser

Dual action cleaner and sanitiser.  Kills bacteria and removes general food soilings such as fats, oils and grease. Contains no perfume to taint food. Conforms to BS EN 1276:2009

Janitol® Wash-Up

Concentrated washing up liquid and multi-purpose neutral detergent.  Effective for the removal of animal and vegetable deposits, providing a clean finish to all items.